Sunday, August 17, 2014

The streets of old Fitzroy

I've lived in Fitzroy for 14 years, and long before I moved here spent some formative moment in its pubs and terrace houses. I have an unpublished novel that set's in Fitzroy in the 1940s (originally it was set in the 1950s but I've realised it was the wrong period). I love this suburb, even as it changes before my eyes, which is why I love articles and photographs and stories of its past.

 This kind of housing once dominated inner-city suburbs like Fitzroy, Collingwood and Rich

From the Herald-Sun, here's a series of images of the old inner city slums that once characterised much of Fitzroy.

And from The Age just yesterday, here's an article about a photographer who was documenting the vanishing post-war Fitzroy culture in 1973-74.

Happy reading. And maybe allow Dan Sultan to provide you with a soundtrack?